Distance Healing

I would like to explain what distance healing is.

If you have never had any kind of healing before, it would be natural to ask whether this kind of session worked through a computer, using Skype for example, or over the telephone. This is because you may feel there has to be something tangible to connect a healer to a client, i.e. me to you.

This is not necessary.  This type of healing is equally effective as an in-person healing because I am working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects of an individual by accessing the individual’s energy body. The energy body can be accessed easily from anywhere and at any time and does not require you to be physically present.

Practical information…


To be able to work on your energy system I need your name, date of birth and a bit of information about your situation.

We can then arrange a day and time that is most convenient for both of us.

At the time of your appointment I begin to send healing to you, just as if you were sitting in front of me. It takes me just as long as an in-person session (anything from 60 to 90 minutes), and I set up my studio in the same way.  At the time you (the recipient) are receiving the healing you can rest, meditate, or do simple tasks (if you find it hard to sit still) such as read, listen to music, draw or any other relaxing creative activity.

It is not advisable to be driving long distances at the time of your appointment, using heavy machinery or working for too long on a computer.  This is because you may feel tired and need to rest.

I do not need to speak to you during the session. After the session, I record all feedback and send via WhatsApp (or similar platform) and then schedule a follow up appointment, 7-10 days later. This is to allow you time to process your healing.

On the day of your distance healing session make time to have a light meal or snack before the treatment if you can. This is to ensure that you do not feel lightheaded afterwards and to prevent feelings of nausea.

Ensure that you have had some water prior to the session, as this will help your body to cope with the release of toxins afterwards.

Healing activates your body’s natural ability to heal itself so it is important to make allowances for this.

Immediately after your Frequency Healing session, you need to allow time to slowly come back to full awareness. For example, you might be too relaxed to drive so allow some time to fully awaken from your relaxed state.

Expect your body to detoxify. To help the detoxification process, you should drink lots of water following your treatment and over the next few days. You may also want to rest more.

It is also completely normal to not have any side effects at all.

A bit of science…

Most of us believe that we exist in a physical reality which is governed by time and space.  This perception, particularly the perception of time, is one of the things that keeps us firmly rooted in the physical world and yet at the same time may also limit our ability to manifest change and experience instant healings.  Time is an illusion of course.  Man needed a way to measure his existence on the planet, with hours, minutes, days, weeks, etc.  This was helpful because we would know when to plant crops and when to harvest them, because we had a measurement to work by.

The illusion of time and space exists only because we have believed it to be true and it serves a good purpose; it keeps us grounded in the physical experience which is right where we need to be to live and go about our daily activities.

However, this perception limits us from a greater understanding and experience of life.

Quantum physics has theorised that time is not fixed, nor is it linear (only flowing in one direction). Time is fluid and flows both forwards and backwards simultaneously. From this perspective everything is happening at once, there is no past and no future, only the present moment.

What science is also revealing about space or “distance” between objects is that they are actually not separate as they may seem. Though we experience things as being separate from us this again is merely a perception of our limited belief in the illusion that time and space are fixed.

This is called Quantum Entanglement.  This happens when two particles become inextricably linked, and whatever happens to one immediately affects the other, regardless of how far apart they are.  Quantum Entanglement is a phenomenon so strange, physicist Albert Einstein famously described it as ‘spooky action at a distance’.

In reality energy does not “travel” anywhere. It is simply “sent” and received” by intention alone and is instantly “transmitted”.  It is difficult to find the right words to explain this because even our language is set up to reinforce the belief that time and space are fixed and that objects are separate from one another.

So essentially, we are all connected to one another, all the time, regardless of how far away we may live from each other.  And this is how I am able to offer healing to clients all over the world!

Types of distance healing appointments…

One off sessions

Monthly Subscriptions

One-off Sessions:

Monthly Intensive

How would you like to shift your energy in a month?

Have you been feeling stuck in your life and not sure which way to go next?

I am able to tailor my sessions to your unique energy pattern or blueprint.

You will have one month of access to me via email or messenger, including 4 powerful sessions – 1 per week for the month.

Results of working this way are…
• More clarity
• Better communication
• Healing of unconscious patterns
• Learning how to move on from past experiences
• Discovering your gifts and talents
• Making a commitment to soul growth with regular energy work

We will have an initial consultation to ensure that we are a good fit to work together.

As this is intensive work, I only take on a small number of clients when working this way.

If you would like to book a consultation for the Monthly Intensive program please click here.

The total cost of working intensely this way is £800.

I am able to channel natural healing frequencies into your body while intuitively identifying the underlying cause/s of any illness or imbalance and apply specific Frequency Healing procedures relevant to your needs. Feedback will be given to you at the end of each session.

The healing process does not end at the completion of the session – you will continue to integrate these changes for up to three weeks after the healing, from which new levels of wellness and personal growth can be embodied. As this healing system works on an etheric level, there is no need for physical contact during the session, which makes remote or absentee healings so effective.

After you receive a Healing or Space Clearing session, you usually undergo an integration process. During this time you can experience a radical internal and alchemical healing that can be so profound it feels almost magical. Symbolically, it is like being taken into the womb of the Earth where you are internally nourished and supported to grow. During this three week period you may become ‘altered’, feel mild symptomatic pain releasing as you purify, undergo a subtle identity shift, or have long-standing issues resolve themselves. You can also feel spiritual intervention in your life, giving you the faith to let go of negative patterning, defence mechanisms, and the need for control.

When this integration is complete, you feel refreshed, reborn and rejuvenated. As you embody new aspects, passion, and potential surfaces.

This healing system clears your aura, (the magnetic field around your body), which helps to release anything which no longer serves you so that you are receptive to new energies.

This is how you can manifest change in your life!

Space Clearing

Energy clearing for homes and businesses

Have you ever noticed how some spaces are filled with a sense of peace and calm, while others make you feel uneasy or sad, or anxious to leave? Do you wonder why some businesses flounder while others flourish? This is because spaces become saturated with the residual energy of everything that happens there. Clearing your living or workplace of all chaotic, negative, and stale energy will result not only in an immediate and noticeable transformation of the “vibe” of your space, but also in an increased sense of well-being and clarity for all of its inhabitants. Space Clearing is a simple technique that effectively cleanses any space of this energy residue, resulting in a fresh, vibrant, and healthy environment.

When do you need space clearing?

The purpose of space clearing is to break up any stagnant energy within the home, land or place of business to refresh it, stabilise it and infuse it with the intentions of those who currently occupy the space.

Space Clearing Sessions are £200 

Book Here

What is involved in a session?

I will encourage you to physically clean the house and clear all clutter, since energy is attached to items. Cleaning is a sign that you have decided to claim the space as your own and that you intend to take responsibility for keeping the space clear..

I cannot stress enough how important it is to firstly clear out clutter before a space clearing session.

The space clearing may take up to two hours and is done remotely. I will record the feedback and email to you.

What happens after the clearing?

You will receive suggestions on techniques that you can use to keep your space clear. You might notice an immediate change in the space or how you feel there. You may notice the rooms look brighter, clearer or bigger.

You may feel more peaceful, lighter, airier and more relaxed since there is a connection between houses and businesses and the people that live in them or own them.

I recommend a full advanced Frequency Healing for each person in the family or each business owner. This can be done as a mass healing or individually if you are looking for a more in-depth reading of what is going on with you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

I recommend this because it prevents individuals from bringing old patterns back into the fresh environment. If you do not do this then over time some of the same energy that you had cleared from the space will be brought in again by the people that used the space on a regular basis.

Please read

The service that I provide is based on clearing stagnant or stuck energy from environments. I DO NOT claim to remove spirit attachments, entities or do exorcisms. If you are having challenges with these issues in your work or home environment then please contact a specialist who offers this service. My sensitivity will pick up these activities so I may be able to offer some information on what is going on but that is all.

* I use Frequency Healing to clear the space in buildings. I use the words ‘Space Clearing’ as a generic term to represent this.

Individual Frequency Healing

The results of healing can vary a great deal and can help people in many different ways – sometimes unexpected! Healing may completely cure someone – or may not, but may instead help them to deal with the condition they have and to become more positive.

Just to Note

All conditions can be treated by Frequency Healing – but not all people.

Some people are more receptive than others to this treatment, due to a number of factors such as their personal karma and mental outlook.

It is extremely rare for someone to receive healing and then report no improvement afterwards whatsoever. Almost all of my clients report that they feel a great deal better, often where other treatments have failed.

Read more about this Healing 


Individual Frequency Healing Sessions are £60

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Monthly Group Healing

What kind of healing is this?

I work with a modality called Frequency Healing, which uses light, colour, sound, sacred symbols and crystal energy, and so it is not like traditional ‘hands-on’ healing like, for example, Reiki.

What is group healing?

The only difference is that I am working on a group of clients, instead of with just one at a time. This form of healing works in the ‘aura’ or magnetic field, which surrounds all living things. Keeping your aura clear will dramatically improve your health and wellness long term.

My reason for offering group healing is so that more people can experience it!! Offering it in a group also enables me to keep the cost at an affordable price.

What happens after group healing?

You will be given feedback on what occurred during the session, how this may impact you over the following weeks and support on how to integrate the energetic shift that occurred in the session into your daily reality. The feedback will be recorded and sent to you.

If you wish to continue your healing journey you can subscribe to have a Group Healing session each month. This means you will also have access to the private Facebook group and membership site.


Monthly Group Healing sessions are run on set days every month of the year, and will be listed in the Facebook Advanced Healing group and also on the Events page of this website.


Group Healing Sessions are £32

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Monthly Subscriptions:

Individual Frequency Healing

This is one remote session per month, inclusive of email/messenger access, membership of a private Facebook group and a separate membership site.

Receiving an individual session means that the feedback is personal to your soul journey, as I am only focusing on your energy system.

Sessions are £52 per month

Payments can be taken via PayPal on a recurring subscription (Or you can also set up a Standing Order with your bank, and the fee will be slightly reduced – please get in touch to arrange). Click here to sign up with PayPal.


You are responsible for booking your session for the month. Sessions will roll forward if you are unable to book for any reason, but it is preferable that you schedule the time yourself in your calendar, even if you know you will be busy.

This is so that your energy system becomes used to receiving healing regularly.

Also if you then end up with more than one session outstanding, you MUST have time in between in which to process the energy. I recommend a minimum of 2 weeks between sessions.

As my schedule can be busy, if you do not book your monthly slot it may become difficult to book outstanding sessions at the times which suit you. Thank you for your consideration!

Monthly Group Healing

One Frequency Healing Group session per month, inclusive of access to a private Facebook group and a separate membership site.

This modality is a seventh dimensional self-healing and ascension tool that initiates a shift from one state of being to another. It is pure alchemy.

When you commit to your healing journey, you are taking the first step toward self-mastery.

Sessions are £32 per month

Payments can be taken via PayPal on a recurring subscription (Or you can also set up a Standing Order with your bank, and the fee will be slightly reduced – please get in touch to arrange).Click here to sign up with PayPal.


Monthly Group Healing sessions are run on set days every month of the year, and will be listed in the Facebook Advanced Healing group and also on the Events page of this website.

Energy Rebalance

One condensed Frequency Healing Group session per month, inclusive of access to a private Facebook group.

This modality is a seventh-dimensional self-healing and ascension tool that initiates a shift from one state of being to another. It is pure alchemy.  This is not a full session which uses all the healing procedures.  It focuses on clearing the mind, the heart, grounding and protecting your energy.

When you commit to your healing journey, you are taking the first step toward self-mastery.

Sessions are £16 per month

Payments can be taken via PayPal on a recurring subscription (Or you can also set up a Standing Order with your bank, and the fee will be slightly reduced – please get in touch to arrange).  Click here to sign up with PayPal.


Monthly Energy Rebalance sessions are run on set days every month of the year and will be listed in the private Facebook group, The Lightworker Guide.

I do recommend that you have at least two Individual Frequency Healing sessions a year to ensure that you are in alignment. This is especially important if you have been experiencing challenging life situations or prolonged periods of ill health.

I was fortunate enough to have had the privilege of working with Carol over several months... She is a very advanced spiritual practitioner whose profound insight and support helped me tremendously. Carol's repertoire of tools and knowledge is impressive, plus her ability to create a safe container for healing. Carol has a very grounded and practical energy herself, which has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to embrace a whole new direction in my business. I am indebted to Carol and highly recommend her services.

Amy Garner - Healer & Intuitive at Amy Garner Soul Support


I highly recommend working with Carol. I’ve had remote healing/transference healing sessions with Carol and she has been a wonderful coach as well. The healing works on a deep level and has helped me find balance in challenging times or when my energy levels were depleted. Carol is a wonderful person, very caring, down to earth, and has a great sense of humour. She understands what people go through and can help you navigate life. I can’t recommend her enough.

Imke Beenders

I visited Carol for a Frequency Healing session when feeling particularly tired and in need of some time out and TLC. The experience was everything I was hoping for and more.
Carol is an experienced and very gifted healer with lots of different healing modalities at her fingertips and intuitively tailors sessions to meet her clients' individual needs.
I loved the warm and peaceful atmosphere she has created in her beautiful healing sanctuary and knew immediately that I was in safe and supportive hands.
I'm not entirely sure what happened during the session but it was a magical experience and I came away feeling refreshed and with a sense of grounded-ness and inner peace that I hadn't felt in quite a while.
Thank you so much Carol - I'll be back for more!

Linda Anderson - Tapping Expert at Tap into Your Success

Carol works in a very interesting way, which gets to the root causes of your energy imbalances. She has a vast knowledge of your birth chart and your astrological numbers, which define the path you are on. With that knowledge, she can use her healing modality to bring balance back and remove blocks or stored unwanted energy from your body, allowing you to feel energised.
For me, the experience was subtle, but I have noticed a shift in my focus and this has helped me to be more relaxed, confident and present. I highly recommend this treatment if you are feeling wiped out or if you feel you are overthinking. She is very understanding and committed to help. An overall positive experience and very grateful to Carol for her great work.

Carlos Prez

Absolutely sound and amazingly caring, would highly recommend to anyone.

Carl Burrow - Cambridgeshire


Thank you, Carol, I feel incredible!
The pain and tension in my solar plexus is gone. I feel light, grounded and at peace.
You are such a gift! I am truly grateful our paths crossed. ❤️

ps. If you have an influx of business in the next few days, it is because I have told everyone they have to have a session with you! Magical...truly magical.

Dallas Gouldberg - California

Love her work. I'm new to this spiritual stuff but straight up best experience I have had. Unless you try it you just won't know. Believe me it's so worth it. It's helped me with some hard decisions in my life at this moment and she will continue to help me through my life.
Kia ora carol. Tino pai e mahi. Much love

Johnny Hoani Cash - Broadbeach Waters, Australia

I have found Carol and the healing work she does incredible. It is challenging and deep work for the soul which I love and have needed over the last year or so. I had felt very in limbo and really needed some shifts to take place, this way of healing has definitely helped clear the way for me to move forward.
I always find that Carol is there if I need support she is always only a call away. When issues arise and is always willing to listen and help process what has come up.
Great work, I definitely recommend this way of working and with Carol.

Sarah-Jayne Wakefield - Dorset

I find it incredible how from that one session with you I took everything on board I did everything you suggested and I felt so much better in myself, like i was re-born again!
When I came to you about my concerns about how I didn't think I could conceive I changed my thought process and stopped telling myself and I fell pregnant in the February only a month or so after our session, and to know the baby's due date is the same as your birthday really is quite incredible! I believe it's happened for a reason, me coming to you with my problems, having some healing and I can't thank-you enough for your advice sorry to go on! Just wanted to get it off my chest, hope your well! and I have said nothing but good things about your service to my friends xxxx

Melissa Cunningham - Cambridgeshire