Distance Monthly Group Healing Dates 2021

You can join these group healing sessions as and when you choose


you can commit more intentionally and join the monthly subscription



8th February – Moon in Capricorn, Waning

24th January – Moon in Gemini, Waxing
8th March – Moon in Capricorn, Waning 28th February – Moon in Virgo, Waning
12th April – Moon in Aries, New Moon
2nd May – Moon in Capricorn, Waning
7th June – Moon in Taurus, Waning
5th July – Moon in Taurus, Waning
1st August – Moon in Taurus, Waning
5th Sept – Moon in Leo, Waning
4th October – Moon in Virgo, Waning
1st Nov – Moon in Virgo, Waning
6th Dec – Moon in Capricorn, Waxing

Face to Face appointments


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