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  1. Mariette

    The monthly healing sessions are very helpful to keeping me on an even keel. In the past I requested a healing when I felt I needed it, which meant I was really low, but this hasn’t happened since I am part of the healing group.

  2. Louise

    My healing experience with Carol was refreshing and unique. I haven’t dabbled much with energy healing but I found working with Carol extremely comfortable and relaxing. She brought up many things for me that were true and I had an intense experience at the end of our session. I would truly recommend her if you are thinking about it. The after care and follow ups were also very beneficial too.

  3. Emma

    I have been in touch with Carol for a number of years now and have been having regular distance group sessions monthly for the last year.
    Carol’s advice is always spot on and resonates on various levels.
    Feedback is always welcomed and questions answered. Procedures are explained and her common sense grounded and direct approach is just BRILLIANT!
    Thank you Carol

  4. Nikki Latham

    I’ve known Carol for just over a year now, and I can honestly say what a remarkable lady she is. She has helped me so much there are no words to give her healing and guidance justice.
    I suffer with my mental health and have done most of my adult life (I’m now 41) and only now have I found some sort of peace within myself. I’ve not had any depression since I met Carol and I believe the monthly healing I receive from her is why. I know that sounds abit far fetched but if people could have seen me then and see me now, they’d know something had changed. Now don’t get me wrong , I’m not cured as such, but the difference is amazing. I wasn’t looking after myself properly, my children were missing school or late, they weren’t eating very healthy. Every day was a massive struggle. Now, i look after myself, I’ve got a job , i go to college, my kids attendance has massively improved. I’m happier and so are they. The complete opposite from before.
    The only thing that has really changed is the frequency healing I get from Carol. It helps, having her there in the background, working her magic. She will give me suggestions of things to try if im having a rough time. Helping me grow mentally and spiritually. She’s there as much as I want her to be, supporting me when and where I need it. I genuinely believe that she helps keep my head above water, I’ll always suffer with my mental health but never before has it been managable .
    She’s such a kind lovely lady, I’m so happy I met her.

    Thank you so much Carol. Xx

  5. Louise Cara

    I really connected with Carol and loved the session.

    She has really helped me with advice and practical exercises to do. It all makes sense and she explains things very well.

    The Best Spiritual 2 hours I’ve had in the last 3 years of my awakening.

    Thank you so much Carol.

  6. Katherine Boyle

    I connected with Carol seemingly by accident and our conversation was incredibly eye opening and inspiring. Carol immediately made me feel comfortable and talking to her came so easily. She asked all the right questions and guided me to see a new perspective on things in my life and about myself.

    Many things she explained just clicked and so much of my past, present, and future all made a whole lot more sense. Surreal and exciting experience that, as it turns out, was not by accident at all!

    Thank you, Carol for this breakthrough. x

  7. Daisy-May

    Carol is an amazing healer with a really deep knowledge and understanding which makes you feel you are in safe hands. Knowing every month my spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are receiving healing is such a big support and a good way to check in on how you’re doing. Carol is also very insightful and gives opportunities for me to explore further healing. We are spirits having a human experience and when we’re working a lot its very easy to forget we need to take care of our spiritual health but actually that’s the foundation of it all, so knowing I have Carol to support this monthly is vital for me as going to the gym etc. Thank you Carol for all your support and help!

  8. MLH

    Sometimes people need the space, time and support to make changes necessary for their wellbeing. Carols abilities are unique and she is wholly customer focussed. That means as a client you are supported and taken on your own journey.

    I wholly believe in Carols abilities. The accuracy and attention to detail is beyond reproach in her approach.


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