Life Coaching

I use a range of techniques to help you to move towards your goals.  These sessions link perfectly with the healing appointments, as a way to receive support to help you to shift forwards in between the energy work.  They also work well as standalone appointments.

Sessions are offered online, which is ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

How can this help me?

I work as a Spiritual Life Coach, which means that I can help you to dive into deep-rooted beliefs and examine your connection to the divine.

I can help you to work with the universal laws to improve your life, rather than just accepting what comes your way.

This is a way to deepen your connection with the non-physical part of yourself; your soul.

Understanding yourself and your world from a spiritual perspective will help you to have a more meaningful life.

Sessions will help you to identify limiting beliefs and patterns to move into a brighter future.

I will support you to:

• Take more responsibility for your life and not play a victim
• Move away from negativity or judgments


What can you expect?

♥  A safe space to create a new vision for yourself and your life

♥  Occasional homework

♥  Accountability

♥  To be challenged to help you to gain perpective

♥  Thinking outside the box

♥  Being allowed to dream big!


Individual Life Coaching sessions are £90

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A course of sessions can be arranged  – click Shop link below


Find your Inner Self

Immerse yourself fully in the process

Therapy Contract

• Therapy works best when there is security and consistency in the arrangements between us.
• Because making an appointment means I keep a space in my diary for you, in order to ensure I am available I usually charge the full fee for non attendance of appointments without prior contact.
• If there is a problem with the service provider or the software platform then I would need to speak to you immediately to re-arrange the appointment or the full fee will be charged.
• If you have to cancel an appointment I require 24 hours notice, in which case no fee is payable.

This system helps me to run my practice efficiently and fairly and allows me to be reliable and available to you.

I was fortunate enough to have had the privilege of working with Carol over several months... She is a very advanced spiritual practitioner whose profound insight and support helped me tremendously. Carol's repertoire of tools and knowledge is impressive, plus her ability to create a safe container for healing. Carol has a very grounded and practical energy herself, which has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to embrace a whole new direction in my business. I am indebted to Carol and highly recommend her services.

Amy Garner - Spain

I highly recommend working with Carol. I’ve had remote healing/transference healing sessions with Carol and she has been a wonderful coach as well. The healing works on a deep level and has helped me find balance in challenging times or when my energy levels were depleted. Carol is a wonderful person, very caring, down to earth, and has a great sense of humour. She understands what people go through and can help you navigate life. I can’t recommend her enough.

Imke Beenders

I visited Carol for a Frequency Healing session when feeling particularly tired and in need of some time out and TLC. The experience was everything I was hoping for and more.
Carol is an experienced and very gifted healer with lots of different healing modalities at her fingertips and intuitively tailors sessions to meet her clients' individual needs.
I loved the warm and peaceful atmosphere she has created in her beautiful healing sanctuary and knew immediately that I was in safe and supportive hands.
I'm not entirely sure what happened during the session but it was a magical experience and I came away feeling refreshed and with a sense of grounded-ness and inner peace that I hadn't felt in quite a while.
Thank you so much Carol - I'll be back for more!

Linda Anderson - Tapping Expert at Tap into Your Success

Carol works in a very interesting way, which gets to the root causes of your energy imbalances. She has a vast knowledge of your birth chart and your astrological numbers, which define the path you are on. With that knowledge, she can use her healing modality to bring balance back and remove blocks or stored unwanted energy from your body, allowing you to feel energised.
For me, the experience was subtle, but I have noticed a shift in my focus and this has helped me to be more relaxed, confident and present. I highly recommend this treatment if you are feeling wiped out or if you feel you are overthinking. She is very understanding and committed to help. An overall positive experience and very grateful to Carol for her great work.

Carlos Prez

Absolutely sound and amazingly caring, would highly recommend to anyone.

Carl Burrow - Cambridgeshire


Thank you, Carol, I feel incredible!
The pain and tension in my solar plexus is gone. I feel light, grounded and at peace.
You are such a gift! I am truly grateful our paths crossed. ❤️

ps. If you have an influx of business in the next few days, it is because I have told everyone they have to have a session with you! Magical...truly magical.

Dallas Gouldberg - California

Love her work. I'm new to this spiritual stuff but straight up best experience I have had. Unless you try it you just won't know. Believe me it's so worth it. It's helped me with some hard decisions in my life at this moment and she will continue to help me through my life.
Kia ora carol. Tino pai e mahi. Much love

Johnny Hoani Cash - Broadbeach Waters, Australia

I have found Carol and the healing work she does incredible. It is challenging and deep work for the soul which I love and have needed over the last year or so. I had felt very in limbo and really needed some shifts to take place, this way of healing has definitely helped clear the way for me to move forward.
I always find that Carol is there if I need support she is always only a call away. When issues arise and is always willing to listen and help process what has come up.
Great work, I definitely recommend this way of working and with Carol.

Sarah-Jayne Wakefield - Dorset

I find it incredible how from that one session with you I took everything on board I did everything you suggested and I felt so much better in myself, like i was re-born again!
When I came to you about my concerns about how I didn't think I could conceive I changed my thought process and stopped telling myself and I fell pregnant in the February only a month or so after our session, and to know the baby's due date is the same as your birthday really is quite incredible! I believe it's happened for a reason, me coming to you with my problems, having some healing and I can't thank-you enough for your advice sorry to go on! Just wanted to get it off my chest, hope your well! and I have said nothing but good things about your service to my friends xxxx

Melissa Cunningham - Cambridgeshire

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