Oracle Cards


This is a 36 card oracle deck, co-created by Carol and Andrew Fenner, linking natural images to each number.  The deck can be used for divination or as a tool to learn the meaning behind the numbers.

What is Numerology?

This is the universal language of numbers.  All patterns in the universe can be broken down into number.  This way of working with numbers can also be used as a self help tool to help you to understand your own life journey, and those who you are connected to e.g. your family and friends.  Numerology not only looks at your date of birth, but also the numbers behind each letter of the alphabet and therefore your name.  This can explain our life path and also our personal year; phases in our life.

The ancient civilisations of Egypt, the Middle East, India and China shared the belief that numbers have meanings in addition to representing quantities.

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