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Here are my client testimonials for worldwide and face-to-face healing sessions. As required by UK law, all these testimonials are 100% genuine. They have been supplied by clients via online feedback forms after a session or on completion of a programme.

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I highly recommend working with Carol. I’ve had remote healing/transference healing sessions with Carol and she has been a wonderful coach as well. The healing works on a deep level and has helped me find balance in challenging times or when my energy levels were depleted. Carol is a wonderful person, very caring, down to earth, and has a great sense of humour. She understands what people go through and can help you navigate life. I can’t recommend her enough.

Imke Beenders


I was fortunate enough to have had the privilege of working with Carol over several months… She is a very advanced spiritual practitioner whose profound insight and support helped me tremendously. Carol’s repertoire of tools and knowledge is impressive, plus her ability to create a safe container for healing. Carol has a very grounded and practical energy herself, which has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to embrace a whole new direction in my business. I am indebted to Carol and highly recommend her services.

Amy Garner – Healer & Intuitive at Amy Garner Soul Support


Carol is very professional. A lovely and caring person. I have met her a few times and she has been very supportive and caring. An inspirational lady. I wish her all the best in everything she does.

Farhana Aziz – Hertfordshire


Carol is a unique therapist, which makes her a very easy person to connect with, no matter who you are or what challenges you may be facing. 
Having reached a very low point I knew I needed help and thankfully I found Carol. Not only was my healing session relaxing, it was truly enlightening. 
Carol shows tremendous compassion. Her counselling skills allow her to offer solid advice and her own experience as a therapist proves an invaluable tool for sharing ideas and information, which was a massive support to me and my therapy business. 
If you feel stuck at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn then I have to recommend seeking guidance from Carol. She really helps you overcome life’s obstacles and empowers you to make confident life choices – whether you are a therapist or not. 
I have no doubt that the successful development of my business has been as a result of receiving guidance from Carol. 
I am grateful knowing that Carol is there when I need her, be it for my business or for me personally. It is a support that I cherish very much and I look forward to receiving her healing energies, whether that be through transference healing, distance healing, group mediations or an informal chat. 
Thank you Carol. 

​Julie Grint – Therapist at Serenity Holistics


I’ve had lots of healing sessions in varying forms for varying problems with Carol.  The benefits I have felt each time have been extremely positive, healing both physical and psychological problems over the last 7 years.  I would highly recommend Carol’s amazing, spiritual, gentle and friendly practice of Frequency Healing.  My life has very much improved since meeting this wonderful lady!

​Phil Maxted – Cambridgeshire


I had been on what seemed like a never-ending quest to find an effective healing programme…then I discovered Carol at My Inner Self.
From the initial telephone conversation with Carol, I immediately felt confident that she would be the person to help me. She is a consummate professional – extremely knowledgeable, amiable and perspicuous in her communication. Carol provides, as her website states, ‘powerful healing services’.
I cannot thank Carol enough. Her guidance and work have been invaluable to me …certainly one of my top ‘grateful fors’ of 2017. Thank you so much!

T S – UK

I have been on the Monthly Subscription for Frequency Healing with Carol for the past 9 Months now, and although I’ve been working with Carol for several years, having the subscription has definitely helped cement in and bolster my self-care regime.

As a coach and healer myself I recognise the importance of self-care and consistency and the subscription enables me to support myself whilst receiving support and guidance from Carol.
It’s very easy to schedule and has become my sacred appointment for me each month.
I would not be without this service.

Julie Grint – Health Coach


Carol works in a very interesting way, which gets to the root causes of your energy imbalances. She has a vast knowledge of your birth chart and your astrological numbers, which define the path you are on. With that knowledge, she can use her healing modality to bring balance back and remove blocks or stored unwanted energy from your body, allowing you to feel energised.
For me, the experience was subtle, but I have noticed a shift in my focus and this has helped me to be more relaxed, confident and present. I highly recommend this treatment if you are feeling wiped out or if you feel you are overthinking. She is very understanding and committed to help. An overall positive experience and very grateful to Carol for her great work.

Carlos Prez


Carol helped me with the lack of direction I was experiencing in my business. She gave me over and beyond what I was expecting and gave me some advice on self care as well as the powerful energy treatment. I would highly recommend Carol.

Karen Hills – Complementary Therapist at Time for Me


My time with Carol was peaceful, relaxing and incredibly enlightening.  I was amazed and impressed by her insights into some previously undisclosed challenges and the healing which she undertook.
I felt a lightness and sense of relief, of letting go, which had taken place.
If, like me, you couldn’t put your finger on the issue but are aware of a misalignment in some way, then do spend some time with Carol.  You will be glad you did.

Jill McCulloch – Certified Coach & Speaker at Coach You


Incredible, completely transformed my life!
She is kind, understanding, trustworthy and most importantly, very talented.
(and very good value for money)
Would recommend to everyone!

Cathy Thomas – University of York


I’ve attended the Colour Healing groups, had Frequency Healing and a Womb Blessing session with Carol. 
She is knowledgeable, professional and really knows her stuff. 
I’ve felt positive and better since the sessions, taken aftercare advice and used the lightbody essences after healing work.

​Teresa Bellmaine – Astrologist at Astro Shola


I had the light healing, remotely, as I live in Australia. I really had no idea what to expect or even if this was real. I was prepared to look at it as ‘entertainment’, just to cover any disappointments… I had the light healing and actually felt some physical sensations, which Carol mentioned working on these areas in her audio messages the next day. That (for me) was really strange and gave me encouragement that maybe there is something in this…. What has been most amazing is that without any efforts from myself, changes have happened… I feel …. Cleansed. People have noticed and commented and it has been sometimes at those moments, that I realise another change has happened….! I feel quite humbled. I am myself a healer, although in a traditional sense (a counsellor). I have worked for 28 years in this field. Although I still have all the energy in the world for my clients, I had lost all my energy for myself and my family. I was spiritually exhausted as I had given everything I had. Suddenly, after the light healing, new energies have arisen. Not that Im jumping around like the energiser bunny, subtle energies…. Like patience, care, self care and care for my closer family. People have commented and as they do I realise these changes have occurred. I don’t know how this remote healing works, but I am truly grateful. I decided to have a second session to consolidate the last one, but mainly because I felt that this is something I should do a couple of times a year, so the healer has some healing too. I have a lot to offer and am grateful that Carol has developed the skill and ability to help people like myself, so we can continue on our journey of helping people find their peace. Thank you. M. J.

Mary-Jane Pereira – Wollongong, New South Wales ​


I visited Carol for a Frequency Healing session when feeling particularly tired and in need of some time out and TLC. The experience was everything I was hoping for and more.
Carol is an experienced and very gifted healer with lots of different healing modalities at her fingertips and intuitively tailors sessions to meet her clients’ individual needs.
I loved the warm and peaceful atmosphere she has created in her beautiful healing sanctuary and knew immediately that I was in safe and supportive hands.
I’m not entirely sure what happened during the session but it was a magical experience and I came away feeling refreshed and with a sense of grounded-ness and inner peace that I hadn’t felt in quite a while.
Thank you so much Carol – I’ll be back for more!

Linda Anderson – Tapping Expert at Tap into Your Success


I have worked with Carol on several issues over the years and she has been a huge influence on my spiritual growth. She is a kind, talented and knowledgeable therapist and I would recommend her services to anyone who would like to experience inner growth and live more authentically.

Asli Tamer Vestlund – Sweden


I am at a strange time in my life and needed help and was led to Carol. I have only had the first session and I can’t wait for the next 2! Carol was very professional and knowledgable and is continuing to help me daily.

​Jill Hames – Dorset


I visited Carol again today and I always look forward to seeing her. Not only does she have a wonderful energy, but she is an amazing therapist!! I always feel light and reenergised following Frequency Healing and invaluable advice to help me move forward. I cannot recommended her highly enough. If you’re in a rut or need some direction or healing, let’s face it we all can do with looking after ourselves a bit more, get in touch with Carol. An amazing lady!!! 

Suzanne Bailey – Bedfordshire


Carol helped me get through a bad period in my life, I could not get any perspective on what or how I was feeling; she opened up a part of my soul to help me heal and find a state of inner calm to face what I had to deal with to heal myself.
Thanks to Carol I am now coping with how I continue to proceed with this problem and I have found a compromise which works.  I cannot thank her enough for helping me when I needed it x

​Amanda Dillury – Hertfordshire


Carol makes you feel very relaxed as soon as you enter her warm healing space. I had a Womb Healing which was extremely relaxing, I felt a pleasant shift during the treatment and ended the session feeling relaxed and clear headed. I had a good night sleep that evening too! Carol also gave me some great guidance on my wellbeing and tips to support my wellbeing. Will be back for more healing !

Michelle Nowosad – Cambridgeshire


Carol’s healing room has a nurturing feel to it and during the healing I was lying under a warm blanket. Afterwards I felt extremely relaxed and peaceful as Carol took time to explain what healings she had carried out. This was a lovely experience.

Sue Fincham – Cambridgeshire


I have had several sessions with Carol, who is always caring, compassionate and professional at all times. She always makes you feel safe and cared for. The sessions of healing I had with Carol in her wonderful therapy room were deeply healing and transformative and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I also had a session of energy editing, which was surprisingly powerful, and it changed the way I looked at things and also the way others looked at me in just the one session. I am looking forward to more sessions of this. 

Elizabeth Drake – Scotland

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